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TANZ Bremen 2010


TANZ Bremen 2010

International Festival for Contemporary Dance
April, 9th – 17th 2010

Understood in a traditional sense, dance would be inconceivable without musical accompaniment. In earlier times, music was played in the orchestra pit, invisible to the audience; today it usually comes reproduced from tape and through speakers. The TANZ Bremen 2010 festival presents productions in which musicians are more than just canned sound or invisible accompaniment. They play live and thus become actors of the performance. Whether it’s ‘Protect me from myself‘ by the young all-rounder Sanja Ristic or ‘Homo Ludens‘ by the longstanding Forsythe dancer Richard Siegal: The music comes from the stage and, as a scenic moment, enters into a dialogue with the dancers. One can experience the unusual and fascinating works that evolve from this on several festival evenings.

The second focus of TANZ Bremen 2010 is on productions in which choreographers and their teams are inspired by the treatment of bodies in our times. Choreographer icon Alain Platel is dedicated to the body’s vulnerability and ability to remember in the German premiere of his ‘Out of Context – for Pina‘. Whether Ann van den Broek presents the body as a projection screen of our desires, André Gingras addresses the relation of body and technology or Club Guy and Roni raise the question as to the disappearance of the real: The artists we have invited come up with vivid and gripping answers.

TANZ Bremen is always given its unmistakable aura by the interplay of international guest performances and the varied dance scene in Bremen, the latter enriching the overall programme with 13 productions. In addition, Andreas Denk, Wilfried van Poppel and Tanzwerk offer exciting pieces for children, youths and the entire family.

The festival is accompanied by trainings, workshops, films, lectures and open discussions. Artists, staff members and of course you, our valued audience, can meet in the new festival centre in KUBO, right behind Theater Bremen. TANZ Bremen is alive and kicking! If that’s no reason to celebrate…

We wish you inspiring days at the festival.

Sabine Gehm und Honne Dohrmann
Festival Direction